Saturday, May 7, 2011

We Need a New Enemy - - Quick!

Osama's gone. What if the American people turn their attention to our own home-grown enemies? The bankers, brokers, and ultra-greedy brought our country closer to ruin than any terrorist organization, with millions of people thrown out of work, thrown out of their jobs, and and their savings wiped out. We Americans have always needed an external enemy to distract us from corporate raids on the Treasury, from corporate welfare, from tax breaks for the rich, and bail-outs for the big.

Now, of course, our corporate politicians tell us tell us that we have to pay for all this with "belt-tightening." Which means "less services, more fees (don't call 'em taxes), later retirement, poorer schools, and rising costs for food and gas." Oh -- don't forget union-busting. Wouldn't want the folks who still have jobs to demand better wages -- it might cut in to corporate profits. Then they'd have less to spend on lobbying, bonuses, perks, and pacs. (Real wages haven't risen for 30 years, while corporate profits have soared -- what a system!) And now corporations can spend unlimited funds to buy our votes and buy off our politicians.

Nope. Wouldn't want Americans to think about any of these things, The ruling class had better find us a new enemy. Quick!