Monday, March 23, 2020

Two Pandemics — Coronavirus and Lies

We’re in the Midst of Two Pandemics:
Coronavirus… and Lies!

They feed off each other.  One makes the other worse. The lies have hampered our response to the Coronavirus.  They’ve deceived us about the seriousness of it, and our response to it.  They’ve bolstered the glorious misconception that we’ll all pull through this.  America's great! Not to worry!  American ingenuity will come to the rescue!  This is a feeble hope masquerading as the truth.  Amplified by the pandemic of Lies.

The Pandemic of Lies started long before the Coronavirus even existed.  The growth has been exponential.  It started with one big toxic liar, and has rapidly spread.  Now there are infections everywhere.  Washington, DC, has been the hardest hit.  There are now liars in every department of government.  Liars in the press.  Liars on TV.  The virulence has increased as well.  Now there are lies about the lies.  Denials of previous lies — to be replaced by newer, more toxic lies.  It’s spread rapidly to the Senate and House, infected the Judiciary, government departments, agencies, boards.  It’s spread to bankers and corporations as well.

How can we fight two pandemics at once?

Coronavirus is not as toxic, and the spread can be mitigated.  By self-quarantine, social distancing, hand washing, common sense.  Unfortunately, the death toll will be high.  There won’t be enough masks, ventilators, or hospital beds, in spite of what the liars say.  Since there’s no leadership from the liars, local leaders have risen to the challenge.  Governors, mayors, non-profits.  School superintendents are saving our butts.  Their prompt actions have limited the spread in our communities.

There may be a vaccine for Coronavirus, but not soon.  Perhaps we can all pull together and make some headway against both pandemics.  But they’ll both go on for a while.  Some folks will die.  Some will be voted out of office.  Maybe things will get better.  But I’m an optimist.  Both may rage on.

Coronavirus — 18 months.  Lies — no cure, but we might make some progress.  Maybe.

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